Benefits of Urine Sample Containers in Medical World

Benefits of Urine Sample Containers in Medical World

Sample collection is a basic but most important process in the whole medical field. Collection of samples comes with many considerations and concerns as it requires a massive number of containers and other waste daily.

Urine sample plastic containers are extensively used in the urinalysis (urine test) process. This little item seems unimportant, but the results of urinalysis greatly depend on this item.

This article will explain why plastic cups/containers are widely used for sampling in the medical world, especially in urinalysis.

· Eco-Friendly

The urine cups are made from a plastic material; plastic is the biggest pollution-causing agent. Why? This question is a significant concern related to disposable plastic cups as they are used in massive amounts, and it’s essential to dispose of them after every use.

The disposable urine containers are made from eco-friendly plastic. Eco-friendly plastic is the one that is easy to digest by the environmental bacteria leaving little to no harmful impact.

· Cost-Effective

The plastic sampling containers are cheaply available in the market, especially when you purchase wholesale urine cups where a single eco-friendly cup ranges from $0.095 - $0.16. As many of these cups are used regularly, plastic has become the ideal material to purchase.

Other materials like glass are expensive and difficult to dispose of and use for safety reasons.

· Single-Use Solution

The urine sampling cups are used only once. So, a plastic cup is an ideal and cheap single-use container. These cups are available in pure form. After opening the container once, you cannot use them again; otherwise, it will contaminate your sample.

· Minimize Safety Risks

A significant reason for using plastic urine sampling containers is that they are safe and non-breakable. Glass containers can cause severe injuries for breakage while disposing of, recycling and storage.

· Resistant to Leakage and Lightweight

The plastic containers closed very tightly and didn’t get damaged easily. Their flexible nature can easily resist the syringe whole without causing leakage. These containers are very lightweight, making them easy to hold with one hand while testing.

· Collapsible

The flexible nature of plastic nature makes them highly collapsible. These containers are easy to mild and remold without changing their shape. This property helps in better disposable of these containers as a large amount can save in less space.

Types of Urine Sample Containers

Based on the type of plastic and quality, the sampling containers are divided into two main categories;

1. Thermosetting Plastics Containers

The thermosetting containers are strong, thick, and challenging. These containers are designed to resist higher temperatures.

The thermoset containers are used when the sample requires high-temperature processing. In such conditions, the container did not melt or affect the quality of the sample.

2. Thermosoftening plastics Containers

Thermosoftening or thermoplastic containers are the ones generally used in labs. These containers are flexible, soft, weak, and cannot resist higher temperatures. These containers are cheaper and more commonly used than other types.


The sampling containers are among the most important elements of the lab. The end results of all the tests, cheaper or expensive, greatly depend on these the quality and sterility of these containers. If you are thinking about purchasing the containers, check for a massive range of types, brands, and price ranges.