Best Substitute for Dry Shampoo

Best Substitute for Dry Shampoo

Some people are skeptics when it comes to merely wash their hair every three or four days, while others are staunch believers. There is no way anyone can imagine leaving the house without shampooing their hair first. It's because if you're too busy to wash your hair (which occurs), things aren't going to look that great This is why dry shampoo is a lifesaver when you're short on time. Even if you don't use it regularly, it can come in handy when you least expect it. Despite this, the texture of dry shampoo is found to be downright disgusting. When your hands go through your hair and you feel the residue of your shampoo, is there anything worse? No. There is no substitute for dry shampoo, so oil blotting sheets are the best option.

Nostalgic Blotting Papers

It may remind you of the baby blue blotting papers you used to carry around in middle school. To be able to rid your greasiest hair of a gritty, dusty cloud of dry shampoo quickly, quietly, and discretely? Blotting sheets will be there.

The blotting sheets are packaged in a bag. They are smooth and elegant, nonetheless. No matter how you slice it, you should rather bring around a small packet of this than, say, a bottle of dry shampoo.

Dry Shampoo vs. Blotting Sheets

The frequency with which you use dry shampoo will determine whether these are worthwhile purchases. Being able to stow one or two away in a backpack without anyone noticing is well worth it. However, none of these matters if they don't work. And the conclusion on these little items is a bit of a surprise.

It's hard to tell if you're using a dryer sheet or tissue paper because the sheets are so neatly square. Dry shampoo is applied to the roots of the hair by rubbing the sheet along the hair shafts.

There is no gratifying oil-blotting residue left on the sheet after you use it, but the sheets make a noticeable change in the way your hair looks and feels. And the best part is that there is no trace of any form of residue. They're a game-changer, and they make normal dry shampoo look like it belongs in a bygone era.

Your hair may appear the same after you've taken a shower, but the fact that your hair feels cleaner is what matters. It also appears to give your hair a little more weight and volume and the convenience is second to none.

Final Verdict

For the time being, you should continue with your regular hair-washing plan. But if you can't do that, these small pals will be your new cosmetic essentials. Even though it doesn't work as well as the real thing, a piece of blotting paper can be used to remove excess oil from your hair. Maybe it's more to do with bangs than anything. A couple of cartons of blotting paper would be required for a full head of hair removal.